Thursday, June 23, 2011

Natural Hair From a Male's POV

Hey guys! Here's the newest video. This one is the first of a two part tag, focusing on how men perceive natural hair. If you watch it, you're tagged! So grab a friend, if you're not a guy and ask him these questions and post it as a video response on youtube! I'd love to see what some others guys' answers are. Here are the questions:

1. Are any females in your family natural?
2. How many of your friends/associates are natural?
3. What were you taught about relaxers/perms growing up?
4. Do you think one hair type is more or less attractive than the rest and why?
5. If you have any, do you plan to relax your daughters’ hair? Why or why not?
6. Have you ever dated a natural woman? How many?
7. What is your opinion of the term nappy? Do you think it should be considered a hair type?
8. Would you approach a woman with natural hair?
9. Do women with natural hair give off different vibes from women with relaxed hair?
10. Do you find natural hair appealing, why or why not?

Later, loves. :-*


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