Friday, March 2, 2012

C.O.M. Amendment

Ok, so I thought about it and I need to revise my "back on conditioner only" post that I did a week ago. Right now my hair is in a twist out and the only thing I used was grease (the first day) and my shea butter mix (the second day).  I've decided that I will stick to conditioner only when I want to style my hair in a wash n go, but I'll use other products for "out" styles/wet sets.

I could use just conditioner for wet sets but I like the weight and shine that I get from using oil products.  The synthetic oils in the hair grease tend no to last that long, which is why I switched to my shea butter the second night I retwisted my hair.  So that's my products. Conditioner for wash n gos, oils and/or butters for wet sets.  Just thought I'd clear that up. :)


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