Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The High Bun I've Been Rocking

OK, so for the last three days I've been wearing my hair in this big high bun. This serves as a great visual proving how much my hair has grown since my big chop. I love the size of my bun! When I was relaxed, the only way I could get a decent looking bun was to use the sock method and my hair was so short and thin that many times you could see the sock through my hair. But now my bun is way bigger and Fuller than it ever was in that state and no sock is necessary to get it big and beautiful like this. :-)

You guys truly have no idea how proud I am of my hair growth thus far. It's amazing to me that all it took to get my hair to this point was a little knowledge, dedication, and patience. I haven't even reached my goal length yet but I'm loving my hair so much!


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