Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Second Deva Cut

Yesterday, after I was done with class, I went to have my hair trimmed at Fiddleheads Salon in Dupont Circle. The last time I went was about eight months ago, on June 28, 2012.  The first time I had my hair cut was on the four month anniversary of my Big Chop.  It was badly needed because my BC was done all by yours truly and was really uneven.  I couldn't have let my hair continue to grow out that way and expected it to look good.  My hair stylist was named Vicki and she took her time cutting my curls, curl by curl and evening my hair out.

The styling however, was not at all what I wanted.  Rather than define my curls, Vicki put all of her energy into separating and fluffing them out.  Not the kind of look I go for at all.  I don't like the afro look.  Some people consider Black hair to be an afro no matter what, but I don't.  To me, an afro is a hairstyle achieved by picking out and separating the hair's natural curls.  Yes, they may look cool but afros are not good for my hair.  Without having my curls defined, my hair loses moisture much quicker and is prone to bad tangles and knots.

Yesterday was a complete repeat of the hair cut I got eight months ago.  I went into Fiddleheads rocking a twist out, so Vicki was able to get through my hair much quicker than the first time, and I was only in the salon for about an hour.  But the fro she gave me wasn't at all what I wanted and I washed it out today.  Lesson learned.  From now on, if I go somewhere that is supposed to cater to curly hair, I won't just assume they'll know how to define my curls.  Or that I even want them defined.  I'll be bringing pictures of my hair in a variety of styles so whoever is doing my hair can have a sense of the kind of definition I like to achieve.


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