Thursday, December 15, 2011

Be on "True Life" When You Go Natural!!!

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So I was browsing the internet and I found out that MTV's "True Life" is currently casting for African American women who are making the transition to natural hair and plan to do the Big Chop.  For anyone not in the know, the BC is when a woman cuts all of her relaxed ends off to become 100% natural.  I think this is absolutely AMAZING!  I can't believe we've come so far that a major network wants to document what it means for women who decide to forego relaxers.

There is so much misinformation and disdain concerning Black hair that I think it's time something was done to finally stop the madness and set the record straight.  Seeing what women go through when they decide to go natural, learning the reasons behind it, and understanding why this is such a huge decision has the potential to change so many different aspects of our culture, not only as Black people, but as American people as well.  Imagine if women didn't have to worry about employers not hiring them because they don't understand that natural Black hair looks a certain way?  Imagine if more Black men understood the affect it has on Black women when they give ultimatums like, "Straighten your hair, or we can't be together anymore."  Imagine if the nation as a whole understood that the main reason Black women have so many issues with their hair is because they were forced to assimilate into a culture that broke down everything about their race and made it negative and undesirable after enslaving their people for over two centuries?  Just imagine that...

I'm know America won't all of a sudden become super enlightened about the journey that is going natural and start to look at Black hair with some form of understanding once this episode of "True Life" airs.  But this is definitely a step in the right direction for this one day becoming a reality.  Knowledge truly is key, and I can only hope MTV casts women who have done their research and know their hair.  I encourage anyone who is planning to do the big chop, is between the ages of 15 and 28, and wants to document their transition to send an email to  Include your name, location, phone number, recent photos of yourself, and your hair story.  Good luck to everyone who chooses to apply and don't forget to spread the word! :)


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