Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Surprisingly GREAT Detangler!!

So, I was on YT browsing through some old videos of people I'm subscribed to.  I had already seen this video before, but after watching Naptural85's twist out tutorial, I decided to try her method.  All I used in my hair was my whipped shea butter and water.  I detangled my hair before getting in the shower using Tresemme Naturals' Vibrantly Smooth conditioner and my (modified) denman brush.  I know I said I couldn't stand it, but it's not that bad when used correctly.  I'll go into further detail later.

But anyway, after each section was detangled I put it into a simple two strand twist and then got in the shower to rinse/co-wash my hair.  When I got out and started on my hair, I applied my whipped shea to each section and then went through with my denman one more time.  I was really surprised at how well the shea butter detangled my hair!!  I can't really describe it as having "slip" per se but, my denman was going through my hair with even less difficulty than when I use conditioner on wet hair.  I already loved shea butter as a hair and body product but now I'm liking it even more.  I had no idea it could be so useful.

I'm sorry I can't think of a better way to describe how it felt while I was detangling my hair, but just take my word for it that it felt really good.  Now, I know I had already detangled my hair before getting into the shower and it was still in the twists before I took them apart to re-twist using Naptural85's method, but my hair is never so detangled that I can just run my fingers or a tool through it without any problems.  That's just not the nature of my hair.  And I could tell the shea butter was making it much easier for my brush to get through my hair than anything else I might have put on it.

So basically, I'm just saying I think you should try using shipped shea as a detangler.  If it works for you, great! If not, now you know one more thing that doesn't work, lol.  Let me know how it goes.  Here's Naptural85's twist out tutorial.  Enjoy!!


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