Sunday, December 11, 2011

What A Bad Black Girl I Am

I can't cornrow.  As much as it pains me to admit that, I've never really been able to do it on myself.  When I "dummy" on other people, I can get some kind of sad looking braids in and people tell me all I have to do is practice, but who has the time for that?  Plus I get frustrated really quickly any time something doesn't come easily to me.  I know, that makes me sound like a brat.  And maybe I am.  So be it. lol  :-P

But not knowing how to do something that's viewed as a basic skill for most women in the Black community makes me feel bad.  It's honestly a source of insecurity for me and I hate that.  I think I'm going to watch some YT tutorials and see if that will help me....  But honestly, I know what my problem with it is:  I don't know how to hold the hair/how to position my hands.  As I'm trying to cornrow, the way I hold the hair constantly changes because I don't have the muscle memory necessary to perform the motion with any fluidity. :'(

Oh well, hopefully YT will help me to get it some day.


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