Sunday, July 31, 2011

DHB: I Finally Got Second Day Hair!!

I always thought second day hair was just something I couldn't get because my hair was too short. But then when I used this method, my hair was actually ok enough in the morning that all it took was a couple spritzes from my water bottle and some fluffing for my hair to look good!! That is so exciting to me because that means I don't have to manipulate my hair on a daily basis unless I want to anymore.

I think using conditioner and a much lighter gel were preventing me from stretching my wash n go's. There just wasn't enough hold to keep my hair from becoming completely smooshed in the night with all my wild sleeping. But the Eco Styler gel has a really good hold and that's what made my hair last. I'll be experimenting with different leave ins in combination with this gel and I'll probably experiment with different Eco Styler's as well.

Wish me luck! :)


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