Monday, July 18, 2011

So, What's Up With the Name Change?

I probably should have done this post when I first changed the blog over but I put it off because I didn't know exactly how I wanted to word it. But its something that I really feel needs to be addressed, so here goes.

So, in my video introducing myself and telling you guys about my channel, I said that my real name is Shaniqua, but I also go by Aaliyah, short for Aaliyah Lavonne. Lavonne is my middle name, bit I have decided to change it to Aaliyah Lanae.

Here's the reason behind that: my middle name was given to me by mother in honor of her sister, whose middle name is Lavonne. My aunt and I recently had a falling out in which she physically attacked me during a family cookout. I hesitated to post this on the blog because I didn't want to seem like I'm trying to air any dirty laundry, but its the truth. My aunt and I no longer speak and I really have no desire to patch things up with her. As someone who is 14 years my senior, I never would have expected her to take things to a physical level and actually try to hurt me.

So, because of that I have decided to legally change my name so it no longer has any ties to her. Some of you may not agree with this decision, reasoning that she's family and we should be able to work past this. Respectfully, I disagree. I'm really glazing over the details of this particular incident, but there's much more to the story. My decision has been made and all I ask is that you all respect it.

So I hope that clears things up for you guys. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to post them.

Later, loves. :-*

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  1. It was basically a misunderstanding that escalated out of control. She yelled at me that I had an attitude problem and I told her she had an attitude too. Then she hit me and kept on hitting me...