Monday, August 22, 2011

"Brothas" and "Sistas": We Are Not Related

You guys know I browse a bunch of natural hair blogs and websites on a pretty much daily basis. Doing so has allowed me to learn how to properly care for my hair and start my hair journey. There's lots of information out there that I never would have become privy to, had it not been for these various sites. However, the online natural hair community has exposed me to much more than natural hair care.

A lot of times, people will refer to one another as "brother" or "sister" on these sites and it's always felt a little weird to me. I've never liked being referred to as "sista" and I'm definitely not about to call a black male "brotha." But I wanted to know your thoughts on the topic. I don't take offense to the terms, but it just seems a little played to me. And since I'm not related to any of the people referring to me as "sista" it gets under my skin.

Why are you referring to me that way? Because we're both Black? Because I'm natural? I'm sorry but, the fact that we share a race and the state of my hair is not going to make me automatically feel a connection or a sense of kinship to you. I would rather just be called by my name.

If/when you guys experience this, how does it sit with you? Do you respond in kind, or say nothing about it at all? Do you think I'm over reacting or looking too deeply into this? Sound off in the comments below dolls!


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