Monday, August 15, 2011

Long Hair Academy 2011 Growth Challenge

Hey guys. So, I've told you all about and my membership there. One of the things that makes it such a good site is the groups feature, which allows members to join groups based on having similar hair care interests and goals. I'm part of a group focused on a growth challenge and I thought I would share it with you all. Late registration ends today, August 15th, so if you'd like to join in, head over to the site and register. Here's the group's description directly from the site.

Long Hair AcademyAugust 1 - October 22,2011(12 weeks)Valedictorian of this semester will receive $50+ in hair care products of their choice.This semesters rules:1) Water,water,water! Healthy hair starts within so aim for at least 64 oz.of water daily.2) Choose a growth aide to be applied at least three times a week. 3)Cutting/trimming/dusting/coloring/relaxingMust be done prior to semester beginning. Only one pass to do this once semester begins and it will replace heat pass for that month.4) Choose a protective style that still allows access to your scalp. Braids/twists/wigs/sew ins.5) Take your vitamins everyday!6) You may wash as necessary with shampoo of your choosing,but you MUST DEEP CONDITION WITH HEAT at least once a week.7) Only one direct heat pass is allowed per month. But if you can avoid heat the whole semester all the better :)8) Discussions/Progress*Weekly discussions will be posted each Sunday. To remain active and avoid expulsion must be replied to by end of Saturday when it will be closed.*Progress Pics To be up for valedoctorian prize must post start pics/midsemester/end of semester.This semester is all about healthy hair care and growth, only serious applicants need apply. Happy Hair Growing everyone!

So this is what my hair focus will be on in the coming weeks. I hope some of you decide to join me. If you do, leave a comment letting me know your name on Hairlista and I'll add you as a friend! Later, loves. :-*


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