Saturday, August 6, 2011

What In The World Are Ponyos??

Hey loves. Yesterday I went to Walgreen's looking for a travel sized spray bottle that I could fill with water and throw in my purse to refresh my hair whenever it feels a little dry during the day. Needless to say, they didn't have any mini spray bottles. :(

So I decided to just browse through the hair care items and see if anything caught my eye that I might have been forgetting I needed. I ended up getting a few headbands and a travel size bottle of some Brown Sugar & Vanilla body spray (which I kind of hate the smell of, lol) to use up and keep the bottle for my travel refresher.

But one other thing did catch my eye and since it was only $1 for a pack of ten, I couldn't really resist. They're called Ponyos, and they look like miniature key chains, but they're meant to be like ponytail holders/scrunchies for your hair.

I'll admit, at first I was a little hesitant to buy them because I wasn't sure how well they would work in my hair. It's no secret that my hair isn't currently long enough to put all of it into a ponytail, but I thought I could make use of these little things for sectioning my hair when detangling and putting in product. I've actually heard of these little key chain things being used as scrunchies by girls in the Philippines  from a college friend who has family there.

So I figured, why not get them? At least they're really cute! ^__^ So I used four of them this morning when detangling my hair in the shower and doing my Wash n Go. I was actually pleasantly surprised! These little things didn't get tangled in my hair at all and they didn't pull A.N.Y. excess hair out. Two of the "ponyos" came away with one hair each, but I check and they were both shed hairs. I'm really liking these little things so far. And seeing my hair in a couple of buns on the top of my hair helped me to envision my future puff. Lol.

I tried to do a Google search on them, but I couldn't find any results with these little things. But if you have a Walgreen's near you, I say go see if they have any, because they're really nice and you get 10 for $1. If you do end up trying them out, let me know. Later, loves. :-*


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