Friday, August 26, 2011

Misleading Pantene Ad With Eva Mendes

Hey loves. I'm sure most of you have seen this commercial before. I've seen it a few times and I'm sorry but, every time I see it I'm rubbed the wrong way by the message it sends. The way I take it, it's alright to use extremely (and dangerously) high heat to the point that it damages your hair and gives you split ends, so long as you use something that will repair the damage...

That's an outright lie! It is a common misconception that split ends and damaged hair can be repaired using the right products and with proper care. But the fact of the matter is, hair can't be fixed or repaired or healed by anything because it is a dead protein. Once your hair emerges from your scalp, the fiber is dead. It can only be preserved or destroyed.

Products that claim to heal damage, like shown in the commercial, basically act as a glue. Hair is made of a protein called keratin and these products are filled with other proteins that temporarily bind themselves to the hair shaft to put splits back together. But every time you wash and style your hair, those temporary proteins are removed little by little and the splits are still there, moving farther and farther up the hair strand. The only way to truly rid yourself of heat damage and split ends is to cut off the affected hair. If you leave it there, the problem will only get worse.

I'm no hair scientist but I have done my fair share of research so I know a thing or two. I just wanted to share this info with you guys so you can make more informed decisions about your hair care. Don't let yourself be fooled by advertising campaigns and product companies. Know fact from fiction and make your purchases based on that, not how pretty the model's hair looks.

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