Friday, September 2, 2011

Daily Giveaway Update

Ok, so I know earlier I said the grand prize to Naturally Curly's daily giveaway contest was a $1,000 gift card to buy hair care products with and that there was a typo on the main page saying the grand prize was $2,000. I said this because both the entry page and the confirmation email said the grand prize was $1,000 so that's what I assumed to be correct. But then I logged on to the site just a few minutes ago and the grand prize is actually a $2,000 gift card to Beyond The Rack, a website that sells designer brand apparel and accessories at huge discounts.

Now that that's cleared up, go enter! I just did my second entry for the month, which is for the Monoi Collection Invincible Set by Carol's Daughter. I've never tried Carol's Daughter products, but they have a good reputation and I'd definitely try them for free!! Good luck loves. :-*


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