Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dealing With Natural Hair Haters

In three days I will be seven months natural. I'm really happy with the progress that my hair has made so far. It's been growing consistently, I haven't had any major setbacks, and I've received a lot of complements from people I know telling me that my natural hair fits me much better than my relaxed hair ever did. I happen to agree with this sentiment. Lol

In my opinion, the Black community has come really far in regards to how natural hair is viewed. It used to be completely taboo to wear your hair in its natural state unless you had "good" hair (which I don't believe exists). Now though, you can rock your hair in all of it's natural glory and not really have to worry about the opinion of the majority. They either don't care, or genuinely like it.

However, there are still people in our community that hold us back as a whole when it comes to accepting our hair as it grows from our heads. Some people have been so conditioned to believe in "good" and "bad" hair, that Blacks naturally have "bad" hair, and that relaxers are necessary to look presentable, that they will show actual anger toward women who choose not to process their hair to change its appearance. 

A few days ago I was on facebook and a friend of mine reposted a link to my YouTube video on determining whether you're being too rough when detangling your hair. Someone (who shall remain nameless) commented on the link to my video and said some very rude and derogatory comments about my hair including calling me "nappy headed" and a "tumbleweed." When I responded the person in question proceeded to contradict herself and look stupid. I just laughed at her and kept it moving.

But I have to admit, it definitely struck a cord with me how someone could be so vicious and cruel to someone they don't even know and try to clean it up by saying it's "just my opinion." Why does our community have to be so quick to judge and put others down because they choose not to follow along with the majority's standard of beauty? Why do people have to constantly resort to saying things like, "Get a perm you nappy headed hoe," when they have no other come back? What is so wrong with accepting my hair as it naturally grows? Is there really anything that makes anyone else's hair better or worse than mine? Isn't it all hair?

The thing I want everyone who is going natural to take away from this is to understand that you will encounter hate from people. Both expected and unexpected. But that should never make you feel like you aren't good enough, or you made a mistake when you decided to go natural. The day all of this went down, I had an absolutely wonderful hair day, and I really think it was because my hair wanted to prove a point. Lol The grass is always greener until you get to the other side. Trust me, someone somewhere wishes they had hair like yours, even if you can't fathom a single reason why they would. Everyone's hair is beautiful in its own unique way. God gave you the hair he did because he wanted you to have it. Love it. 

So brush off anything a hater has to say. Just understand that they've been conditioned to be as ignorant as they are. You are enlightened and above it all. Lol, I'm just kidding but seriously. Just be proud of what you have. I put a link to the convo that took place below so you all can draw your own conclusions. As always, leave any thoughts you have in the comments. Later loves. :-*

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