Friday, September 9, 2011

Final Results of Goddess Curls Gel Experiment

Ok guys. You can probably tell from the pictures that my hair looked nothing like it did when it was wet once it actually finished drying. I was so disappointed! When my hair was still wet my curls were nice and clumped, my hair felt moisturized, and it just looked good. But once it dried, it didn't even look or feel like I had any gel in my hair at all.

All of my hair was insanely soft, but there was a slight difference between the two sides. The Curl Enhancing Smoothie side wasn't quite as soft as the Curls Creme Brulee side. Both sides felt like they were very moisturized, but I didn't like the way my hair looked because there was barely any definition. I feel like my hair should have some kind of hold and definition if I'm using a gel to style it, no matter what gel it is. If I want no hold at all, I'll just use conditioner. And even then, my curls won't separate and make it look like I decided to wear a half-assed afro. 

Honestly, I think the Goddess Curls Gel didn't work for me in the beginning because it's just not a good gel. I have tried it enough times that I feel like I can make this assertion with confidence. The only good thing about it is that it is formulated with organic ingredients, but I don't think that matters if those organic ingredients can't come together to do the job they were designed to do. I do not recommend this gel, and I'll probably be swapping it on

If any of you try it and have a different experience, let me know in the comments. Later, loves. :)


  1. Aaliyah Lanae! Great YT vid darling! I have questions :) How did you determine the porosity level of your hair? The floating hair in water just doesn't cut it for me. & Thanks for the knowledge about the store brand glycerine! I've been looking for "vegetable" glycerine. That's a good look Love!! Kisses & Happy Hair :)

  2. @Keyana Hey love, thanks for the compliment. I knew my hair was low porosity for two reasons: when I get into the shower, it seems like my hair is instantly soaked. It doesn't really take much for me to get my hair completely wet. But then when I step out of the shower it dries almost instantly. It doesn't dry completely, but it's just barely damp. So that told me that my hair doesn't hold in water well. If you hair is the opposite and you really have to work water into your hair to get it fully wet and it takes forever to dry, then you probably have low porosity hair. And you're welcome about the glycerin. Just sharing my knowledge. :)

  3. @Aaliyah Lanae Lol, I meant to say I have high porosity hair. Not low.